Your employees matter. You're building a balanced culture and know that physical, mental, and emotional wellness are paramount to healthy employees, both inside the workplace and after hours.

You want to support your team, and you're curious to learn what the mind-body-breath connection of yoga can offer to your employees. You hear it can help to soothe stress, prevent burnout, and promote work-life balance.


Yoga and meditation can support employees in transition, such as those who are currently experiencing:

  • relocation
  • promotion into management
  • high-stress environments or increased workload
  • returning to work from extended leave
  • family growth or change in family composition

I'm the best fit for your company's wellness needs because I have years of experience in the corporate world - I can adapt to many office settings, and feel just as comfortable in a boardroom of executives as I do rolling out my yoga mat.

I offer competitive rates and rich class content curated to your company's culture. Read on to learn more about each of my corporate offerings, and click below to start the conversation about how to expand wellness in your workplace.

Liz is an incredible instructor. She accommodated a room of entry level and skilled people and made the class cohesive and enjoyable for all. I would definitely invite Liz back to my company to teach another class.”
— Jamee S


Why not kick-off your company's wellness challenge, season of intramural sports, annual meeting, or professional development day with a wellness-based learning experience? Yoga and meditation can support your company in promoting your internal programs and initiatives in many ways - let's work together to figure out what best fits your company culture and goals.   


Gathering for a group yoga session can cultivate a mindful workplace, build camaraderie, and offer space for your employees to check out of their desks and into their minds and bodies. Whether you choose to support your employees with all-inclusive classes offered at no cost to them, or simply provide the space for your employees to invest in on-site yoga, let's work together to develop a plan for your workplace.


Offering private yoga instruction provides the one-on-one support that your executives or key employees need. Whether they seek yoga to soothe the stress of travel or high-volume workloads, or perhaps to fit in a workout into their busy schedules, we can work together to curate a plan that allows us to support each employee individually. 

Learn more about all of the styles of yoga and meditation that I offer here.