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Yoga Nidra for Dreamers at RiNo Yoga Social

  • RiNo Yoga Social 3101 Walnut Street Denver, CO 80211 United States (map)

Join Liz on Tuesday 10/16/2018 for a guided Yoga Nidra practice, specially designed for Dreamers and Visionaries!

Yoga Nidra, also known as "yogic sleep," is an ancient practice in which we enter a deep meditative state of consciousness. In this state, we are fully relaxed but not quite sleeping. Our brain waves slow down, and our nervous system rests peacefully. This can be a state of deep healing and rejuvenation for the body.

Inspiration. Wisdom. Creativity. Innovation. Vision.

This class is for all Dreamers and Visionaries ready to cultivate these qualities within their lives. Come to experience the power of Sankalpa and Yoga Nidra heightened by the healing properties of crystals. Sankalpa, an intentional vow or commitment created straight from your heart, is integral to the practice of Yoga Nidra and together they can be an igniting force if you're ready to invite more of these qualities into your life or awaken these qualities if you feel they have been stuck, stagnant, or dormant within you.

No prior experience is required! Students of all levels of yoga and meditation experience are welcome to join this class.

This class is all levels, and begins at 7pm in the Upstairs studio at RiNo Yoga Social. Arrive a few minutes early to check-in, introduce yourself, and claim your space.

*$15 Investment
*Tickets available through Dabble - click below to learn more and register
*If space remains, day-of registration will also be available