I'm so excited that you've received your new mala!

Each knot of your mala was tied with love and care. Your mala was crafted with attention + intention in every step, from the initial design all the way into your hands.

Read on to learn all about your new mala - how to activate it, cleanse and care for it, meditate with it, and how you know when its work has been completed. 



Your mala is ready to do great work for you in your life! In order to do this, it would love to have a Sankalpa or intention. The Sanskrit word Sankalpa comes from the roots san, which means "a connection with the highest truth," and kalpa, which means "vow." This translates to a desire/vow/resolve for something to do or create in your life.

Once your Sankalpa is known, connect with your mala in a way that feels right for you - perhaps hold it close to your heart (or another chakra), hold it in your left hand to receive, or hold it in your right hand to give. Repeat your Sankalpa a few times out loud or silently to yourself. As you use and wear your mala, treat it with reverence. Allow this loving care to extend to storage as well, placing it neatly in the bag or box where it belongs.

From time to time your mala may need a little TLC to cleanse it spiritually or physically. You will know when the right time is for each of these. Remember that your mala may transfer energy from others if you allow them to touch it, so consider the need to cleanse it if it has been handled.

To spiritually cleanse your mala, you can:

  • smudge it with sage or palo santo
  • soak it in the moonlight or sunlight
  • use a sound vibration such as a singing bowl or tuning fork

To physically cleanse your mala, first consider what beads your mala is made of and ensure that any included crystals may be used with water. If water is safe to use on your beads, you can run your mala gently through running water and then allow it to air dry.



In addition to wearing your mala, you can also invite your mala to join your meditation practice. Perhaps you feel called to place your mala directly on your body during meditation, or perhaps you'd like to use it during japa meditation. 

In japa meditation we hold the mala between our thumb and fourth finger, and we repeat a mantra as we touch each bead. It is considered that the repetition of a mantra helps to ease the mind into a more meditative state. We start with the bead next to the tassel, and cycle through all 108 beads until we arrive back at the guru bead (the largest bead). We do not go over the guru bead, but simply reverse at this time as we continue to meditate. You can hold your mala in your left hand to receive, or your right hand to give - consider your Sankapla and what feels most right for you in that moment. 

According to the vedic teachings, the more senses involved in meditation, the more powerful the impact of the mantras we use in meditation. So as we rotate the beads through our fingers in japa meditation, it allows us to tap into and incorporate our sense of touch into meditation.

Someday your mala may break! This is a sign that the Sankalpa is completed or no longer serves your highest purpose, It can also mean that a certain cycle has broken within your life. When your mala breaks, this is an open sign for you to bring a new intention into your life. While this may seem sad, remember that a new beginning can be also be exciting. Take time to journal and reflect on what you are ready to call into your life in this new moment, and your next mala will find you. 

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Read on to discover more about the healing properties of the beads within your new mala.



Amethyst is a protective stone. It is associated with the Crown Chakra, and aids in purification of the mind by clearing negative thoughts, stress, and anxiety. It helps us to see through the "haze" of life. Amethyst also facilitates intuition and communication, and is the birthstone for February and the Zodiac stone for Pisces. 



Goldstone is a protective and grounding stone. It helps us to feel the strong connection to the earth and its healing vibrations, and harmonizes + balances the Sacral Chakra. Goldstone gives your drive and confidence a boost, and helps to prepare your mindset for achieving your dreams while anchoring you to the earth. 



Zebra Jasper is balanced - it contains both black + white and unites both the yin + yang aspects of life. It seeks to restore optimism in your life while working through any obstacles or stresses in your path. As such, it is a great stone for supporting your meditation practice. Zebra Jasper shows us the light within the darkness, and the darkness within the light.



Lapis Lazuli helps us to awaken to our destiny and divine purpose. It brings awareness of the soul and your spiritual purpose in life, helping to bridge the gap between the physical world and the spiritual world. Lapis Lazuli is associated with the Third Eye (or Brow) Chakra and the soothing water element. It has been known to assist with migraines and headaches as a natural alternative when placed on the forehead.



Obsidian is a powerful protection stone. It helps you to identify your dark side and reminds us that we all have a good and bad side. Obsidian shines a light on the negativity of our inner truth and clears it away, aiding us to choose the path of highest fulfillment, light, and love. 



Clear Quartz helps to open and clear the mind, allowing energy to flow smoothly throughout the body. It will amplify any energy surrounding or being put into it, so cleansing this stone is very important to maintain a positive energy. Clear Quartz is highly programmable and therefore essential to manifesting intentions. As a master healer it assists all chakras, and also activates the Crown Chakra. 



Shell stimulates intuition, sensitivity, and imagination. It helps to enhance mental clarity, and thus assists us with adapting to new situations and shares insight into decision-making.  Shell promotes internal and external cooperation and harmony within our lives. It also can promote a cohesive energy when used within groups.



Turquoise promotes an energetic flow of the highest vibration of love, and has been known as a master healer throughout time. It is a protective stone, often used by warriors in battle. Turquoise is programmable, and great for setting intentions. It is linked to both elements of water and air, and brings good luck for health and abundance in your life.