In a life so hectic for many of us, Liz brings calm, care, perspective, and growth to each one of her classes. Her restorative classes are absolutely stellar, and my favorite.

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Vinyasa Yoga combines movement with breath, stringing poses together in a way that allows you to cultivate presence as you move through a sequences of poses, breath by breath ("flow"). Elements of traditional Ashtanga yoga are reflected in this class style, including sun salutations, balancing postures, inversions, and more. Liz teaches varying levels and combinations of this practice, from a meditative slow flow to a heart-pumping power vinyasa yoga - see each individual event for specific details.

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Yin Yoga is often described as a passive yoga practice. In this class poses are held longer, often between 3 and 5 minutes. Yin Yoga provides light stress to the connective tissues around the body's joints and assists the flow of energy throughout the body. The longer holds in each pose allow us to access deeper layers of our fascia. Practicing Yin Yoga can help you to cultivate stillness, patience, and and self-compassion as well as revitalize and strengthen the many tissues of the body beyond your muscles.

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A combination of Vinyasa Flow and Yin yoga, Vin-Yin or Yin-Yasa classes provide the best of both classes. In this class, Liz combines the two styles of yoga in a way that uniquely and specifically targets both muscles and connective tissues. This class will pump your heart and also access the body's relaxed "rest and digest" response through Yin Yoga, overall providing you with a well-rounded class that will leave you feeling both refreshed and relaxed.

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Restorative Yoga honors the practice of "active relaxation." Restorative Yoga re-balances the mind and body while counteracting the effects of everyday life such as sleeplessness, stress, busy schedules, and more. In Restorative Yoga poses, the body is supported with props and held for extended periods of time to soothe and relax the mind and body. 

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Yoga Nidra, also known as "yogic sleep," is an ancient practice in which we enter a deep meditative state of consciousness. During Yoga Nidra you are guided through a profound journey of relaxation using a variety of techniques including guided imagery and body scanning. In this state, you will be fully relaxed but not quite sleeping. Your brain waves slow down, and your nervous system rests peacefully. This can be a catalyst for deep healing and rejuvenation for the body. 

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In Meditation, we bring our focus to the present moment. Through a connection of breath, body, and mind, we guide ourselves to cultivate self-awareness, loving kindness, and compassion for ourselves and others. Liz leads guided meditations of all lengths and themes - see each individual event for specifiic details.

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Little yogis experience yoga with Liz as both practice and play! In Kids Yoga, we move through a series of poses with a focus on mindfulness, breathing, team building, and play while honoring the developmental needs of each child present. As we move we emphasize nature, animals, and aspects of everyday life in our yoga poses. Sometimes Liz even brings Meddy Teddy to Kids Yoga!

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In Liz's workshops we dive into specific aspects of yoga and wellness, exploring these elements in greater detail than a traditional class. Each workshop is curated to an individual theme or topic, ranging from a couple hours to a full weekend immersion -  see each individual event for specifiic details


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